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Golf Course Acoustics - Lexington MA





Music Room Acoustics - Needham MA





The Lanes Bowl & Bistro - Mashpee MA - Acoustic Panels





Fully Soundproof Office Test - More To Come





Musician Room Soundproofing - Click Here To See Project





Resturant Acoustic Panels - Lobster Trap - Click Here To See Project





Harvard University Door Soundproofing





Door Seal Kit - Click Here To See Project Details





Ceiling Soundproofing Install





Acoustic Room - Click Here To View Project!





Bedroom Door Seal Kit





100% Custom Painted Panels. No Two Panels Will Ever Be The Same.





Resturant Acoustics - Waltham MA - Shoppers Cafe





Machine Room Door Soundproofing - HD Door Soundproofing





Acoustic Panels in a Prestige Private School - Boston MA





See how well our material really performs. Videos don't lie. Some of our products are put to use in the videos below, demonstrating that we can reduce noise levels from over 100 dB to something not audible. Watch the videos below and hear it for yourself.



The MLV Sound Barrier Test- More To Come 





Sound Barrier Stopping 100 Db





How Well Our Soundproofing Product Works:





Wellfleet Project Video. The Project Can Also Be Seen Here.





Our Booth at the 2012 New England Homeshow.





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