Commercial Soundproofing

Soundproofing isn't just for residential use, but also for businesses and commercial use as well. We know how important it is to your business and your clients that you ensure utmost privacy. We can soundproof your conference rooms, offices, hotel rooms, and even your gym. Many different soundproofing options are available for commercial use, to ensure privacy and avoid disturbing others. 

Corporate Companies: Many companies have conference rooms that hold private meetings. Soundproof conference rooms to keep that privacy respected and free from disruptions. 

Cubicles and Call Centers: Call centers have a generally noisy atmosphere, disturbing others and creating an unworkable and unprofessional atmosphere. Using our soundproofing and acoustic materials in a cubicle or call center will help stop the echoing and excessive noise within the room.

Doctors' Offices: With privacy, HIPPA, and doctor-patient confidentiality being of utmost importance, many doctors are soundproofing offices and visiting rooms so patients feel secure and safe when discussing their issues with their doctor. Psychologists and psychiatrists also employ these systems to ensure complete confidentiality.

Law Firms: Lawyers often meet with clients and have sensitive conversations. They don't want to be bothered by other workers or have issues with privacy. Standard walls don't offer enough soundproofing for the privacy that is required in this profession. Soundproofing offices in a law firm ensures privacy for both lawyers and clients. 

Hotels: Common rooms, conference rooms, hallways, and even pool areas and restaurants of hotels are very noisy. Make sure you have the perfect soundproofing system and sound absorption in these areas to satisfy the guests, who want a peaceful night's stay. They don't want to be disturbed by other noises or activities going on in the hotel. You want to isolate the entertainment and common area noises from the guest rooms.

Gyms: Gyms that have music and TVs are now louder than ever. Sound absorption, along with proper soundproofing on the walls and floors, help keep the noise down in the gym so your neighbors won't be disturbed while your customers are working out. 

The materials we use are rated for commercial use, and some have Class A fire rating and UL approval. 

Other Commercial Soundproofing Include:

Conference Rooms Restaurants Basketball Courts
Common Areas Waiting Rooms Medical Rooms
Hospitals Airports Shopping Malls
Banks Bars Night Clubs
Warehouses Schools Library's
Animal Hospitals  Churches Theaters